23 February 2017

Investiture at Buckingham Palace

The Queen held an Investiture at Buckingham Palace.

We do have a brooch here, elusive though its identification is proving to be so far.

21 February 2017

Female Permanent Secretaries Reception, and Audiences at Buckingham Palace

The Queen hosted a reception at Buckingham Palace celebrating past and present women in government leadership (Permanent Secretaries).

I love this, wearing a brooch that belonged to a notable female leader for a reception recognizing women in government. Today was the first sapphire appearance of her Sapphire Jubilee year, and...

Engagement and Wedding Rings

Earlier, The Queen held audiences at Buckingham Palace.

...it was actually a double sapphire day. Several of you noted that you hoped to see this pink sapphire on my list of Her Maj's top sapphires, and while it didn't make my cut, I also can't argue.

16 February 2017

Audience at Buckingham Palace

The Queen received the new Lieutenant Governor of Quebec, J. Michel Doyon, and Pauline Th├ęberge for a private audience at Buckingham Palace.

In today's edition of Mildly Interesting Coincidences: this brooch was used last year for an audience with another Canadian lieutenant governor. (Okay, mildly might have been an overstatement.)

14 February 2017

National Cyber Security Centre Opening

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh officially opened the National Cyber Security Centre in London.

Her Maj seems to prefer this brooch without its pendant when the outfit shade leans toward blue. That's when I'd most like to see the pendant, actually, since emerald is a more interesting choice than the usual white stones on a color like this. (Who am I kidding, I always want the pendant.)

ITN video screencap

10 February 2017

Audiences at Buckingham Palace

February 9: The Queen held audiences at Buckingham Palace.

Let the parade of ambassadors begin once again! I don't see a brooch here - as it is with the matching coat, which she wore last month, there are so many buttons you don't need anything else - but she has worn a brooch with it in the past (the small FEI Lifetime Achievement Award Brooch, for example).

08 February 2017

The Duchess of Cornwall at the British Asian Trust Gala

February 2: The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall attended a reception and dinner for the British Asian Trust.
For more: Zimbio gallery.

After a year of white gowns and white jewels, The Duchess of Cornwall remembered that she has dresses in luscious colors and gems to match! What a treat! This diamond and emerald necklace is assumed to be among the jewels that she picked up on one profitable trip to Saudi Arabia, when her year end gift list included one parure each of rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. (We have not covered these hefty baubles on this blog - yet! - though they have been mentioned on the other blog.) This emerald set also includes a pair of earrings and a bracelet, but she's chosen to use the earrings from her Pear Drop Diamond Demi-Parure here. I'm thrilled to see this necklace in action again, and even more thrilled that color has returned to her evening gems. More, please!