23 October 2014

State Visit from Singapore, Farewell, and Audience at Buckingham Palace

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh bid farewell to the President of the Republic of Singapore and Mrs. Tan at the conclusion of their State Visit to the United Kingdom.
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There was a gold theme to this two brooch day, starting with the Gold Filigree Brooch, which debuted in 2012 and has been seen several times since.

Engagement and Wedding Rings 

Also today, The Queen received the President of Ghana and his wife for an audience at Buckingham Palace.

And finishing with the Gold Trellis, which has been a part of the collection since her wedding. A metal better suited to these warmer tones, I think.

Photos: Chris Jackson and WPA Pool, via Getty Images

21 October 2014

State Visit from Singapore, State Banquet

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh, with other members of the Royal Family present, gave a State Banquet in honor of the President of the Republic of Singapore at Buckingham Palace.
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There's red in her sash and that means of course my first thought is that we have another missed opportunity for the Oriental Circlet to appear. But never mind, Her Maj likes her favorites and the ubiquitous Girls tiara is reigning for the night. She paired this with another selection from her collection of bow brooches and the massive diamonds from the Coronation Necklace and Earrings. I have not yet seen a good enough photo to identify her bracelet, but hopefully will be able to update later. Her watch is one she's worn many times, but it doesn't have its own post here yet.

Darjah Utama Temasek (Order of Temasek, from Singapore), Riband and Star
Diamond Bracelet
Evening Watch

Sitting at the banquet table, the guest of honor has The Queen on one side and another female royal on the other (at least when the guest of honor is a male). It's usually Camilla, and when she's gone, the honor travels down the line. The Princess Royal was also absent this evening, and we ended up with a special treat: Sophie!
She sported her newest tiara, the Five Aquamarine Tiara from HM's collection, and I don't blame her for wearing it so often - it's my favorite of the ones she wears too.
Also present were Princess Michael of Kent, in her Kent Festoon Tiara, and Princess Alexandra of Kent, wearing the pearl version of her Ogilvy Tiara. Click here for that. In the Zimbio gallery linked above, it appears the Duchess of Gloucester is wearing the Cartier Indian Tiara.

Update: A couple videos are out of the banquet. The British Monarchy's video of The Queen's Speech is below; ChannelNewsAsia also offers some additional views. Screencaps have been added above.

Update Again: For those sore that the lovely Duchess of Gloucester did not get a proper close up at the state banquet, enjoy this look at HRH shining in the Gloucester Honeysuckle Tiara at tonight's (10/22) Guildhall banquet for the President and Mrs. Tan.

Photo:Justin Tallis/AFP via Getty Images, @MajestyMagazine, British Monarchy video, ChannelNewsAsia video

State Visit from Singapore, Welcome Ceremony

The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, and The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed the President of the Republic of Singapore and Mrs. Tony Tan Keng Yam at the beginning of their State Visit to the United Kingdom.
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I don't know about that hat - it's got a lot of angles going on, no? - but it's nicely balanced by the classic brooch. Hard to go wrong with a diamond bow.
Stay tuned later for the state banquet post, and tomorrow on the other blog for Duchess Discussion.


17 October 2014

Investiture at Windsor Castle

The Queen held an Investiture at Windsor Castle, at which Dame Maggie Smith was made a Companion of Honour.
Everything about this is excellent. Dame Maggie Smith: Excellent, in every way. The Flame Lily Brooch: Excellent. A celebrity getting an award so that we can see the video of the investiture and thus actually see said brooch: Excellent. Her Maj's trusty handbag, perched on the chair behind her as though it requires its own throne: Excellent, and hilarious.

Photo:BBC video

16 October 2014

Visit to the Tower of London

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh visited the Tower of London to pay tribute at the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red memorial ceramic poppy installation and to visit the Chapel Royal.
For more: Telegraph article and video, ITNSource video, Zimbio gallery 1, Zimbio gallery 2. For more on the poppy installation, see the Tower of London site.
Undoubtedly an eye was kept here to the color of Her Majesty's outfit and the background of poppies, because the contrast really serves to accentuate the massive scale of this installation. And massive is the word, as the Tower marks the centenary of the First World War by progressively filling the moat with 888,246 ceramic poppies.

As far as brooches go, the green suit was accompanied by the top portion of the Round Cambridge Emerald Brooch, without its pendant. This is the third time we've seen this one used this year, but we haven't seen the pendant yet in 2014.

Photos: Chris Jackson via Getty Images, and ITNSource video

15 October 2014

Audiences at Buckingham Palace

The Queen held several audiences at Buckingham Palace.
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I'd say this could be the Pearl Trefoil Brooch, but we've returned to the audiences where you can hardly see the bling. ETA: Courtesy of an HQ version posted by Go Fug Yourself, yes, this is the Pearl Trefoil.

Photo:WPA Pool via Getty Images