02 December 2016

Investiture at Windsor Castle

The Queen held an Investiture at Windsor Castle.
Sky screencaps

This is a great investiture brooch, easy for us to spot from the side and all. (Priorities.) The Queen must agree, because the last time we saw it was also at a Windsor Castle investiture ceremony.

01 December 2016

Goodenough College Visit and Audiences

The Queen visited Goodenough College, London.
For more: Zimbio gallery.

'Twas a day for gold and rubies, I guess. Small rubies here...

The Queen also held audiences at Buckingham Palace

...larger ones here. She was without the Grima Ruby Brooch earlier this year - it was on display with her birthday fashion exhibition at the Palace of Holyroodhouse - and has now squeezed in two appearances for the year. She must be pleased to have it back.

30 November 2016

29 November 2016

Princess Alexandra's 80th Birthday Reception

The Queen, accompanied by other members of the Royal Family, hosted a reception at Buckingham Palace celebrating the work and patronages of Princess Alexandra of Kent in her 80th year.
For more: Zimbio gallery.
Two matching cousins in their tasteful suits, pearls, and diamond floral brooches, what's not to love? The Queen wore her lovely Flame Lily Brooch and Princess Alexandra wore her six petal diamond flower brooch. (Her Maj also has one like this, of course; it's a common design.) Special shout-out to The Countess of Wessex, while we're at it, because that is an excellent red dress.

24 November 2016

Service of Thanksgiving for The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh, accompanied by The Earl and Countess of Wessex, attended a Service of Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey to celebrate the 60th anniversary of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

This is a pretty purple dream, isn't it? Purple with rich velvet trim, the perfect background for a rich little amethyst. (But I'm less in love with the flower on the hat, I must say.)

Royal Family Twitter
The Wessexes were in attendance, of course, because they're the ones carrying the DoE Award flag for the family these days. The Countess wore a Bruce Oldfield outfit and Jane Taylor hat she first wore to The Queen's Diamond Jubilee service in 2012 - and now here, for another diamond anniversary service.
Good jacket, jaunty little hat, maybe a touch too much happening on the skirt, but still, it's easy to see why this has become one of her "special occasion" outfits.

22 November 2016

The Queen Mother's Curved Aquamarine Clip Brooches

Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother had a few pieces of aquamarine jewelry she wore around the 1930s and 1940s, including the Aquamarine Pineflower Tiara now in The Princess Royal's collection, and the Aquamarine Art Deco Brooch now worn by The Queen. She had another set of two aquamarine clip brooches dating from that period, also now worn by The Queen:

The Queen Mother wearing her Curved Aquamarine Clip Brooches, 1954
These small clips have aquamarines and diamonds and a distinctive curved end shape. The jewels are likely the ones described by Leslie Field in The Queen's Jewels, dating them from at least 1935:
In the 1930s she [Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, then The Duchess of York] had a pair of curved diamond and aquamarine clips. She was wearing these in 1935 when she brought her two daughters to Norman Hartnell's salon in Bruton Street to have a fitting for their bridesmaid's dresses for the marriage of Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester.
The Queen Mother wore them as a set or individually, on her hat. They were not among her favorites in her later years.
The Queen wears her mother's brooches
Royal Family Instagram
The Queen inherited these brooches along with the rest of her mother's jewels and possessions in 2002. She's just debuted them now (November 22, 2016), on a suit she usually pairs with the Aquamarine Clip Brooches that she received from her parents for her 18th birthday and which have been favorites ever since. A little more aquamarine variety in her collection can't hurt, right?

22 November 2016: Royal Life Saving Society Reception

Royal Life Saving Society Reception, and Audiences at Buckingham Palace

The Queen, accompanied by other members of the Royal Family, hosted a reception for the Royal Life Saving Society at Buckingham Palace.
Royal Family Instagram
At first, I though these were the regular Aquamarine Clip Brooches - which was pretty delightful, considering we were just discussing the fact that they haven't been worn much this year. But they are actually something even more delightful: a debut! These two aquamarine clips are pieces from The Queen Mother's collection, worn for the first time by The Queen. (See the link below for more on this debut.)

It's a big day for HM's gem collection, considering The Duchess of Cambridge also borrowed her Diamond Pendant Earrings for the first time tonight. (More on that appearance on the other blog tomorrow.)

Earlier, The Queen held audiences at Buckingham Palace.

Speaking of favorites that we haven't seen much this year, I'm preeettttty sure this is the Frosted Sunflower, which is somehow only just making its fourth appearance in 2016.